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Iñigo Lamarca Iturbe - Arartekoa

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone who visits this website.

The Ararteko is the Ombudsman for the Basque Country. At the Ombudsman´s office we would like you to get to know us, to find out exactly what we do and how we can help you. We wish to support all citizens in their dealings with the Basque administration on public policy matters.

We hope this wide-ranging website will be of use to you and will fulfil our own information, communication and participation objectives. Our intention is to provide an excellent service and to do this we would be grateful for your input. In order to improve the website and in general the workings and services of the Ombudsman's office in an efficient, friendly and effective manner we would appreciate if you could share with us your proposals and opinions by responding to the questionnaire provided or through the other means of contact that you can access on the website.

The functions that have been entrusted to us cover the protection and guarantee of human rights. Our role is to ensure that in all public policy issues the administration duly safeguards the rights of people, that it efficiently combats inequality, discrimination and exclusion and that it behaves in such a way that the citizens' right to good administration is guaranteed.

The Ombudsman's office deals with and analyses citizens' complaints concerning the many aspects of the Basque public administration. Complaints may be presented by filling out the form available on this website. As well as this key task, we take the initiative to see how public policies can be improved. In this regard, we would like to emphasise our aim to work as hard as possible within the framework of our competencies with eleven groups in particular social circumstances. These groups present structural elements of vulnerability or risk in the exercise of their rights, or their very circumstances leads to or has the potential to lead to inequality, discrimination or exclusion. You can help us to improve our work by sending us any complaints or proposals you may have.

Finally, I wish to emphasise the following. Human rights are a fundamental element of our democracies and our coexistence. They are dynamic and progressive by nature and should therefore be continuously improved. To do this, the public administration must work extremely hard, however, the commitment and work of every single one of us is also crucial.

Therefore, I ask of everyone who visits this website to participate in the promotion and protection of human rights, of the right to life, of human dignity, of freedom, of physical and moral integrity, of the free development of personality, etc. Every day we must defend each and every one of these. We have also to defend those values that are essential if the rights of people are to be respected: non-violence and respect for others, respect for difference, for diversity, for plurality, fraternity and solidarity.

Best wishes

Iñigo Lamarca Iturbe


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